Our Policies

Environment Policy and Program

  • To comply with the existing Environmental Laws and Regulations in Nigeria.
  • To develop and implement a waste management plan.
  • To increase commitment and promote environmental management awareness among company/contract personnel to achieve zero-target incidents.
  • To progressively reduce pollution of the environment through effective waste management, spill prevention, air pollution control, and noise pollution control.
  • To progressively reduce pollution of the environment through effective waste management, spill prevention, air pollution control, and noise pollution control.
  • To assist our customers to improve their environmental performances by strict compliance with their polices.
  • To incorporate environmental issues in the company management system.
  • To address environmental issues in the company management system.
  • To address environmental issues regularly in both HSE meetings and training.
  • To use chemicals where necessary by considering the HSE aspects with the aim of choosing the most suitable.

Security Policy

Bill Energy Services Limited has it as a policy and function to manage security affairs as an integral part of its HSE Program and the company’s business to minimize the number of security-related incidents for staff, clients, and third-party personnel involved in her operations.

To ensure the implementation of this policy, the company shall; Engage an adequate number of trained security personnel in her area of operation. Engage a Chief Security Officer as middle management personnel who should organize, coordinate, and implement all the company’s security tasks responsibilities, and programs. Ensure all security incidents are properly reported to clients and law enforcement agents (where necessary).

All security incidents shall be investigated and reports documented and where necessary reports shall be cascaded to personnel as learning points. Use local security men to protect the company’s equipment and facilities at worksites in a bid to forge good rapport between the company and the host community.

Provide work gadgets such as walkie-talkies, torches, uniforms, etc to enhance their services. Security items shall form part of site HSE briefings and toolbox meetings: and Security training shall be conducted for increased security awareness.

The Chief Security Officer shall be the focal point and shall act in concert with relevant departments in the realization of set security objectives and targets,

Quality Policy Statement

Bill Energy Services Limited is committed to providing quality services in the Oil and Gas industry, consistent with our clients’ requirements.

We shall continuously train our personnel, and improve our systems and operations to deliver superior services with the objective of being a consistent quality leader in our industry.

To achieve this. Bill Energy Services Limited shall:

  • Engage the services of qualified personnel and continuously improve their knowledge and competence.
  • Proactively agree Clients’ quality requirements and work to agreed standards and targets.
  • Use Clients’ feedback to deploy new technology/techniques to consistently improve the quality of our equipment and services.
  • Always adhere to statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Use our Quality Policy as the basis for quality objectives with measurable targets for continuous improvement in the quality of services provided to clients.

In a phased manner achieve independent quality organizations (ISO-1400, Maintenance and Reliability certifications, etc.).

This Quality Policy will be communicated as part of staff induction and strict adherence demanded in all Bill Energy Services Limited business processes.
This Policy will be regularly reviewed for effectiveness, and sustainability to ensure that it continues to be appropriate and in line with our business mission and clients’ expectations.

Bill Energy Services Limited HSSE Policy Statement

Bill Energy Services Limited is committed to conducting its operations to upmost HSSE & CR standards internationally obtainable in the industry. We pay very close attention to Safety, Security of persons, preservation of operating Environment and peaceful coexistence with host Communities and general public. We believe that the achievement of this commitment is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management.

To achieve this, Bill Energy Services Limited will be guided by the following:

Health and Safety

We will establish a safe working system for our personnel and conduct our business in accordance with applicable statutory regulations and oil field best practices. We will encourage company and contractor personnel to maintain a healthy work/life balance. We shall provide correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees and enforce their use in accordance with the policy. Our contractors are similarly required to provide appropriate equipment and ensure use in compliance with the Bill Energy Services Limited PPE Policy. Compliance with our HSSE rules and regulations will be a condition for employment for both Company and Contractors employees. We shall promptly report and investigate all incidents, including Near misses to determine the cause(s) and share lessons learned, across the organization and contractors.

We will establish contingency plans for foreseeable emergencies and regularly conduct exercises to train all on emergency response procedures.


We shall conduct all company operations with due regard to the preservation of the environment and in compliance with applicable local regulations and guidelines, and international codes of practice. We will develop environmental management plans, monitor effectiveness measures, and review as necessary.


We will partner with host communities to secure lives and assets. We will apply non-confrontational security strategies in compliance with National and International laws with respect to Human Rights.


We regard our host communities as stakeholders and our primary objective in the partnership is to promote capacity building. We will pursue proactive engagements with communities and utilize the implementation of sustainable development programs for communities.