Bill Energy Services Limited completed Emergency intervention works for repair of oil well for NNPC EIGHTEEN OPERATING LTD

This includes the activities required for the repair, disconnection, and restoration of the wells AKOS016L and AKOS016S

Wellhead Repair

▪ Evaluation: We conducted a comprehensive inspection and assessment of the wellhead to identify any damage or issues that necessitate repair.

▪ Component Replacement: We replaced faulty or damaged wellhead components, including valves, seals, connectors, flanges, or other related equipment to ensure proper functionality and safety.

▪ Welding and Machining: We performed necessary welding and machining activities to repair or modify wellhead components as required.

▪ Testing and Calibration: We conducted pressure testing, flow testing, and calibration of relevant instruments and equipment to ensure optimal performance following the repair.

▪ Documentation: We provided detailed documentation of the repair work performed, including a comprehensive report highlighting the

repair methods employed, materials used, and any recommendations for further maintenance or improvement

Disconnection and Removal of Illegal Hot Tapping Line

▪ Inspection: We thoroughly inspected the wellhead flowline and identify any unauthorized or illegal hot tapping lines that pose a potential hazard or compromise the integrity of the system.

▪ Investigation: We determined the source, purpose, and potential risks associated with the illegal hot tapping line.

▪ Safe Disconnection: Disconnect and remove the illegal hot tapping line in a safe and controlled manner, following industry best practices and guidelines.

▪ Mitigation Measures: We implemented preventive measures to deter future unauthorized connections and ensure the integrity and safety of the wellhead flowline.

▪ Reporting: We documented the disconnection and removal process with photographic evidence and provide a detailed report outlining the disconnection procedures followed and any relevant findings.

Restoration of Wellhead Flowline to Normal Operation

▪ System Reconnection: We reconnected all authorized and compliant lines, valves, and components to restore the wellhead flowline to its normal operational configuration.

▪ Flushing and Testing: We conducted flushing operations to remove any debris or contaminants from the flowline system, followed by rigorous testing to ensure system integrity and proper functionality.

▪ Calibration and Adjustment: We calibrated and adjusted relevant instruments and controls as necessary to optimize the performance of the wellhead flowline system.

▪ System Verification: We verified the proper operation of the wellhead flowline system, ensuring that it meets all safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements.

▪ Documentation: We provided documentation of the restoration process, including test results, calibration certificates, and any adjustments made to the system.

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